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Hi Rue,
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I will definitely keep you updated on my journey.
I would be more than happy to write a few lines for you.
Thank you for such an amazing experience. I have struggled all my life with my weight. My journey with Rue has been fantastic, very informative and relaxing experience. I now feel confident to make the right choices and continue with my weight loss. Looking forward to developing into the body I have always wanted. You have been a star Rue, thank you x

Louise M (Weight Loss Program)

Hi there,
Hope you are well.
I just thought I would let you know that I am still doing well and to date have lost just over two and a half stone. A long way to go but I'm finding it easier as I'm not aiming higher than a few pounds a week. Support from the hubby makes a real difference but mainly the change of thought process that you helped with has been invaluable.
Thanks and take care
Trish H (Weight Loss Program)

Hi Rue!
Really hope you are well.
I wanted to let you know this morning I got to 3st1lb lost!!!!
Its been 3 months since I first came to you. I can't get over how completely different my eating habits are and how easy it has been to lose that weight!
Not interested in carbs at all, eating 2 tiny meals a day, if I don't go to bed slightly hungry I feel terrible, bloated and gross! .
Thank you so so much for changing my life!
Merry Christmas!!

Beki (Virtual Gastric Band Program)

Yes I will definitely keep you up to date!
Here is my testimonial
"I was a bit nervous about having hypnotherapy. Rue was really professional and kind - putting me at ease during the consultation and making it easy. The sessions were very productive and, combined with support material, really helped me break my negative and ingrained habits. I no longer reach for chocolate and 'treats' which feels so empowering. I've lost almost 5lbs in 10 days, so am on my way! I only wish I'd found her years ago."

Thanks for all your help!

best wishes
Fiona Clark

Good evening Rue,
Just wanted to update you that I’ve lost half a stone since we first met and I trod on your dreaded scales. I decided to go to boots in Lewes to use their machine as it would be similar in accuracy to yours I hope.
Such great results in 3 weeks, I’m really happy, and enjoying feeling hungry at times!!
Thank you so much, I’ll continue to keep you updated.

Ariana L (Weight Loss Program)

Thank you Rue , for all your fantastic help . I couldn’t of done it without you.
I would definitely recommend you to anyone that is struggling with weight  issues , feel free to use for your comments .
Best wishes

Liz Erle (Weight Loss Program)

Hi Rue,
The hypnosis has worked really well for me and I have lost over 14lbs in five weeks. This is a great result for me as I was finding it really difficult to get motivated to lose weight and get in shape. I've got a long way to go but I definitely feel like things are going well and for the first time in years I feel positive about being able to achieve my weight loss goals.

I really like the recordings that come with the programme and still listen to them regularly. I even find one helpful in getting me to sleep! The decision to access hypnotherapy has been a very positive one and I found Rue to be very supportive and approachable. I also really love the little studio in the garden. Hypnotherapy with Rue has been a very enjoyable and positive experience for me. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Lucy N. (Virtual Gastric Band Program)

Hi Rue
Sorry for the delay in replying life is hectic these days. Since finishing my treatment with you im please to say that i have now lost nearly 5 stone which is great for my health and in particular for my leg . I’m due more surgery in a couple of week’s time and now im slimmer and trimmed down it will really help. I do still listen to your relaxation sessions on my phone stored in my music files which really helps me, so a big thank you for them. Also a big thank you for your help in helping me to succeed in my goal and i will continue in my goal to lose another couple of stone. Please keep me informed on updates and add me to your mailing list.

Many thanks again Jeremy S

So far so good. I have not had any sugar apart from two portions of fruit a day and have not succumbed to any biscuits, cakes etc at all. I don’t have to wrestle with myself, I am just strangely ambivalent about them. Clothes are getting looser and I feel lighter both in mood and body!

Rue’s friendly and non-judgemental attitude put me at my ease from the outset and working with her has been a very positive experience for me. I have used food as a reward and a crutch for years and have been in an endless cycle of trying to resist high carbohydrate food, failing, eating it, feeling guilty, eating it again and so on. After my third session with Rue a month ago, I have not touched my comfort foods of biscuits and chocolate. I am not having to use willpower at all because I am simply not interested in them. I am aware that it is early days but I know that I can return to Rue for further help if I need it.

Sarah H, Pevensey

It was a real pleasure working with Rue to tackle my weight. She took a lot of time and care to devise a plan that suited me, and she has really helped me to change my thinking and behaviour around food.
Thinking thin!

Becca C, Hove ( Weight Loss Program)

I came to see Rue as I had run out of steam with my weight loss attempts. Having tried everything you can think of I was still 5 stone overweight. I was unhappy and going in circles. After 3 sessions I can honestly say I have never felt more in control and positive for the future. I wanted a switch to be flicked in my head and I feel this has been achieved. I've lost over half a stone in 3 weeks. I know I have the power and control to shift the rest. Thank you Rue!

Holly H, Buxted (Weight Loss Program)

Hi Rue
I'm doing well, weight currently 16.11, I think that's about 7lbs lighter since I last saw you. I'm feeling must healthier & happier in myself. I'm happy supply a testimonial, I've written a few words below.

Rue has helped me to stop snacking in between meals & most importantly to cut down on my portion size. As a result I'm feeling much healthier & happier within myself.

Kind regards
Sarah K (Virtual Gastric Band)

I have recently completed the weight loss programme with Rue. How I wish I had found this programme and Rue earlier in my life. Having battled with my weight most of my adult life it was such a relief to talk to somebody who was not there to judge or criticise. I was able to explore my eating challenges and most importantly discuss some simple techniques to help me deal with the problems. I left the session feeling revitalised and energised with the tools that I believe will assist me on my journey. But I will quickly return to Rue if I feel my plan is slipping. Thank you Rue and here’s to those size 14 jeans!

Jo C, Newick (Weight Loss)

Hi Rue
I continue to benefit from the mp3 tapes and am still eating no added sugar or sweet things with ease. Incredible.
when I work in schools there are always cakes and chocolates on the table . I have found I am not interested or tempted to eat them even when everyone else is which is extraordinary !!
Long may this continue I feel so different.

I am so pleased to have more control over what I eat and not be hungry. I am changing my diet without anxt or deprivation which is amazing. Unbelievable accept it is happening to ME !!!

Rebecca P

I am a 70 year old lady. You could say, set in my ways. I got to the stage where I new I needed help with my addiction to sugar.

Thankfully I found Rue.

Her kindness and understanding is superb. I had 3 session with her and while under hypnosis, she talked sense and logic to me. I came away with 3 recordings. I listened to them. They are a real asset to the end result.

I chose Rue from many adverts I saw on the internet because of her kind face. I wasn't wrong.

Thank you Rue. You've change my whole attitude to sugar. I have lost a stone and a half and I'm now at my goal weight.

So I would say to anyone who is a prisoner to their addiction, whatever it is - Talk to this lady. She can do wonders.
Faye S

Happy New year. I have finally reached 10 stones........ Only another stone to go.
Kind regards
Penny M

Hi Rue,
It was a real pleasure working with you and I am really enjoying the benefits of eating healthily, and losing weight without calorie counting. The best outcome for me is the feeling that I have taken control and no longer binge on sugary food. We have sweets, cakes and biscuits in the house and I do not eat them. That is a first for me!

thank you for helping me,


Dear Rue
I’m rather pleased. Over the last few days I got fed up with my 42ins waist trousers falling down. I have notched up another little milestone: my wife just dug out some 40ins waist jeans and they fit perfectly. They aren’t even tight on me.

Kindest Regards
John F.

Thank you Rue. Truly loved this mornings session and looking forward to next week. Lisa (October 2016)

Hi, I’m just playing my cd and thought it’s about time I gave you an update! Well, I’ve dropped half a stone and larger clothes are being sent to the charity shop gradually. The best thing is the change in attitude – that I’m not powerless and out of control, thank you.

I’ll let you know when the stone is off, do hope all is well with you.

With best wishes

Hi Rue
It's difficult to put into words how much my sessions and the ongoing support have changed my attitude, behaviour, and overall thinking towards food. Yesterday, it was only after my supermarket shop that I realised how extraordinary that I had walked PAST the chocolate, sweets, biscuits aisles without thinking!!! The logical reasoning that I now use over my emotional thinking, the CD support, all the tools and resources you gave me, are all moving me forward and I'm no longer stuck in that hopeless mire of yo-yo dieting/bingeing- thank you!

All best wishes,
Sheila H

Hi Rue,
Firstly, I'd like to say a big thank you to you, for making the whole process enjoyable, relaxed and most of all, easy!

I've struggled my entire adult with sugar and carb addition and felt constantly harassed by unhealthy, fattening foods.
You've definitely changed my thought processes and I finally feel at peace with the food cupboard.
I'm steadily getting lighter and slimmer week by week and I've finally got that allusive pair of jeans on!!!

This morning, I went on a 6.5k run with my son, on his bike and I feel the best I've felt in a few years.

I'd recommend you whole heartedly to anyone who's struggling with food and or weight issues, because it works!
Sorry, hope you don't think I'm being too gushy, but it's honestly how I feel.

Thank you for changing my life for the better x

Jemma A

Hi rue

Ive kept meaning to say thank you for sending me a duplicate cd.
Whilst im at it I thought I'd let you know I've lost 1.9 stone so far!
Got another 1.5 to go but feeling positive!

Hi Rue,
Firstly I just want to say thank you for my amazing experience. You made me feel comfortable from the initial consultation.

The results from my sessions have been brilliant and I can't believe I can now go into a coffee shop/supermarket and stand looking at the cakes and not a) wanting one and b) not buying one.

I'm so grateful to you for giving me the ability to minimise my sugar and therefore improve my quality of life.

Thank you so much


Hi Rue,
I just want to say thank you so much for the help you have given me. I was very nervous at first but you soon put my mind at ease. I found the sessions soothing and helpful. I cant remember the last time I felt so comfortable in my own skin, and that's all down to you. I have already lost 5lbs in just over a week and I feel so positive about moving forward. Thank you.

Carol xx

Hi rue
Just wanted to let you know ive lost 1.2 stone since I saw u in January !
Finally said goodbye to seeing 13 something then wanted to wave goodbye to the 12 something on the scales before I text you.
Haven't eaten chocolate apart from some in raw cacao form since our sessions .
next aim is to get to 11.7 stone... I'll let you know when I start seeing 10 something on the scales !

Thanks for everything

I found Rue to be very professional and caring. She managed to combine a superb knowledge of the subject and the minds working with a genuine interest in how to help on a very personal level. I would recommend her to anyone. My course has changed how I think and more importantly has given me diet changing abilities. Thank you Rue!! Chris B

Rue works her magic, the sessions give you a mental resolution to succeed, Weight Loss 14lb in 6 weeks. Helen M

Hi Rue
I just thought I'd let you know that today is the first day of 'freedom' having finished work (finally) yesterday, and also the day I reached 5 stone lost since the first weigh-in. I've even managed to give up sugar entirely for Lent! Unheard of before for even a day!!
So thank you again, and I'll continue to keep you posted, as hoping that the weight loss continues while I'm not working...

Alison L.

Hi Rue
I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how I'm getting on... I have managed to lose 2 stone since the first weigh-in! It has been fairly easy so far, though I don't want to jinx it by saying that! I've not had any cake or chocolate etc since I saw you, and am eating smaller meals with more fruit, veg and protein, with limited carbs.

I anticipate the rate of weight loss may slow / fluctuate, but I'm really pleased I've made such a good start. I'm also walking every day, which the dog is very happy about!

Anyway, I'll drop you a line again at (hopefully) another milestone in the new year.

Have a great Christmas.

My eating was totally out of control and I was constantly preoccupied with where my next sugar hit was coming from . I was overeating , secretly eating , living off of sugar as opposed to anything particularly nutritional . I'd stash it , hide it , gorge on it. Use it for energy or turn to it if I was in need of help with my emotions . In short I was piling on the weight and the future looked bleak .

I met with rue on three occasions and found her warm and friendly , non judgmental ( so I could be completely truthful about my bad habits without shame ), extremely knowledgeable - about nutrition as well as CBT ( and that inner voice that's not always helpful)! - the theory she shares behind this voice has helped me beyond measure), we discussed portion sizes , she shared recipe and snack ideas . The hypnosis sessions were deeply relaxing and I continue to listen to the weight loss cd daily.

In short my attitude towards food has changed dramatically. I've actually not eaten chocolate or sweets or anything particularly sugary for three weeks ( perhaps a bit of honey or raw cacao or the odd date)! And as a result I've lost almost half a stone. I'm excited to cook and eat healthily and somehow just feel turned off to chocolate which feels very weird to say as it's been my companion and trouble shooter for over 30 years. I can't fully explain how that's happened .

I'm aware I may slip up in future but rue also gave me the confidence to know that If this happens , it's not the end of the world and how I can pick straight back up on the weight loss track again .

For now , I can absolutely say rue has changed my life ... and the whole family are benefiting from my new knowledge and cooking .

Thank you!! X

Hi Rue,
If you remember I came and saw you in January 2015 for the hypno weight loss sessions. My aim was to lose 3-3.5 stone this year and I have managed it. In fact I'm only a couple of pounds off 4stone as I revised my target! ...


Hello Rue :)

I've been meaning to get in touch with you for ages but I wanted to wait until I had a good number of sugar-free days under my belt and then time just sped on and on, as it does! I've just reached 152 days so I thought it was time!

I haven't had any kind of dessert, cake or confectionery this whole time and was very strict with added sugar for the first 50 or so days. I've become a little bit more relaxed about small amounts of sugar in the occasional serving of processed savoury food but I'm still totally off sweet things. In fact, I made a banana smoothie with just milk and banana the other day and it was revoltingly sweet.

I'm feeling really good about doing this. I'm feeling strong and even though I still have the occasional (usually pre-menstrual) craving, I can deal with it when it happens. I also started going to Power Plate classes at least 3 times a week at the same time as giving up sugar and I've noticed a real change in my body that I actually haven't been able to achieve before even through regular exercise so I'm very happy about that. Must be the combination of giving up sugar and exercise together.

I listen to your CD most nights which both helps me drift off to sleep and strengthens my resolve not to have sugar.

I've been using Sarah Wilson's books to help me (although I had her first book over a year ago and just could never stick to it.) I've had a tiny amount of brown rice syrup which doesn't seem to affect me like normal sugar, possibly the low fructose. I'm eating a fair amount of fruit but mainly low fructose things like berries.

The major plus in giving up sugar is that my addiction used to displace real food so my nutrition would ultimately suffer. If I was hungry or tired or upset I'd immediately reach for something sweet which would then mean I wouldn't eat a real meal or at least a much smaller one. Now I eat real food first and if I want a treat I'll have something like fruit, greek yoghurt and nuts.

I do seem to have moved my sugar addiction onto dairy now though, Jersey milk is my new favourite treat! I'll probably need to look at that at some point... I've also discovered 100% cocoa chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. It's just pure cocoa so it has no added sugar at all. Great with strawberries! It's also super rich so you can't eat much of it.

Anyway Rue I just want to thank you so much for your help in this, I have never managed to give up sugar for anywhere near this long before and even then I was still ignorantly eating high sugar substitutes like dried fruit and maple syrup. I feel in control and it feels great ticking off the days I have been without sugar knowing I have more power than it has over me.

My immediate goal is 6 months then 9 months and a year. Sometimes I think I'd like to be able to have the occasional sugary treat but mostly I just feel like it wouldn't be worth it now, it couldn't feel as good as this does!

Thanks again for your help :)

All the best,
Lindsay xx

"I contacted Rue when I was at my wits end with my compulsive eating habits. I really needed help to change my negative and hopeless attitude towards my ability to succeed and make positive choices. Rue's honest approach makes her easy to talk to and she is clearly a very skilled hypnotherapist. The difference she has made for me is unbelievable. I just wish I had seen her earlier!" Alexis J

"Hi Rue, Update is all good. No cravings. No booze. 3lbs lost. So far so good. Thanks Robert" (Text)

"Hi Rue, [another] 5lbs lost. No booze, crisps, peanuts nor bread. Feel great.....according to my scales I'm 19lbs better than when I walked in for the first time on the 18th May" (text) Robert

"I've had a serious addiction to sugar for most of my life and felt I needed to get control of my habit. I'd never been to a Hypnotist and to be honest I was a little sceptical but thought it was worth giving hypnotherapy a go. During the free consultation Rue made me feel very relaxed and confident that she could help. This belief was totally vindicated and after two sessions it's now been 3 months since I ate any processed sugar and the urge to have a biscuit or ice cream has completely gone. If you have any sort of food addiction you feel is out of control then I would highly recommend you seek Rue's assistance in taking control of your addiction." Jez Tate

"Thank you!!!! Well I think we've cracked it! Had an amazing few days. Many thanks and much love." Lisa D

Hi Rue,
Hope you are well. Just thought I'd give you an update on the weight loss! All is going well so far. My initial goal was to lose 1.5 stone before I go away this weekend - well I've managed 1.75! Also I find listening to your CD really helpful on the weeks that have seemed harder.

Best wishes

"Thank you for your time and commitment, I had almost given up. I am hopeful that my next blood glucose levels will by significantly lower on my next check up (as you know my main concern). But losing the excess pounds and feeling better and fitter was a very welcome side effect." Steve M

"Great program – magical space to relax in, still eating healthy normal size portions – snacking under control. Thank you so much Rue, if I need any ‘adjusting’ in the future I will let you know." Cathy T

"It’s been surprisingly easy to take on board the changes I needed to make (had to make really). The relaxation I experienced during and after our sessions was amazing, I hadn’t realised how stressed I was. I’m really going to miss your calming voice and your lovely room!" Carla B

Hi Rue,

The good news is everything is going brilliantly. I have lost 12.75lbs since the start and have no desire whatever to eat anything but healthily. It doesn't feel like dieting at all. I have gone down a dress size and there is plenty of room in the new size. I have been able to start wearing things I haven't for ages and it feels great.

That feeling is worth so much more than eating chocolate.

I am also thrilled to be losing, not in a hurry to get it over with. Fantastic!

Kind regards


"Here's my weight update - another 2lbs lost - that means I have only another 4lbs to go before I reach my goal." Nigel A. Haywards Heath

"Thank you so much for not only helping me get back to the person I was five years ago but also sorting out my confidence issue. I'm feeling really positive at the moment. I fitted into a favourite old dress the other day - it was an amazing feeling!" Caroline M

"Many thanks for all you've done and all the support you've given." Tina W

"I feel happy to spread the word of what a great programme this is. I found Rue to be a kind and sympathetic person who made me feel not only comfortable with the whole process but valued as an individual." David G

"Everything is going fine, although I may book in for a quick visit to keep me going in the right direction, after a year I'm happy to tell you I'm still at my target weight." Christine M-W


Hello Rue
I came and saw you back in January, I just wanted to send a email to say thank you for your help and support, I am still smoke-free and haven't had a cigarette since our session . You made me feel very comfortable and relaxed through the sessions. I have recommended you to a couple of people.

Thank you so much as this has changed my life

Mark F (2017)

Hi Rue
Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you and to let you know that I have still not smoked, even when I was away skiing and my friends were smoking around me. I sometime feel that I want a cigarette but when I think about it the want leaves my mind straight away. I have recommended you to a number of my friends that may get in touch with you.

Kind regards

Nathan M

Hi Rue, Well it's been 1 year since I saw you and gave up smoking. Just want to say thank you once again. I feel 100% fitter, can taste food again and just generally feel so much better! I've actually had quite a few people ask for your details because they're so impressed with how I've done! Louise H

Dear Rue,
Thankyou so much for stopping me smoking although I smoked 20 a day I have not even thought about having one since I walked out after seeing you, it has changed my life as I now breathe easier, less stressed out strange as that might seem. Also my breath and clothes smell so much nicer now and my teeth are whiter already.
You made me feel so comfortable about it all I will always be so grateful to you.
Thanking you once again for your kindness and understanding.

Hi Rue,
Well it has been six months now, to the day, since you released me from my 'captivity'. Although I have had two 'drags' one night when I was drunk, I have not had a cigarette since our session. Thank you!.... Thanks again for your help in getting me off my addiction.

"Just to say that it is now 21 days since I saw you and quit smoking. Since seeing you I see myself as someone who used to smoke in the past - I have been out for drinks and meals and not even thought about having a cigarette (even when people/friends are smoking around me) which is amazing and very empowering. I feel I have taken back control and am not a slave to smoking anymore and its wonderful!!! Thank you so much for your help."
Louise H

Hello Rue

I came to see you around June/July this year for a couple of sessions to help me stop smoking (nicotine gum, in my case)

I just wanted to drop you a note to say that it has been a success and i consider it a major achievement.

The relaxation technique you gave me was very helpful, when i applied it and i am sure this contributed to a sustained success.

So thank you once again

Callum T.

"I just wanted to give you the news. All is ok as a non-smoker, I would like to smoke but I am not suffering or struggling saying no, nor do I keep thinking of it which is the best thing.
Thank you & wish you all the best Claudia

Good news - I have stopped since the 18th. Thank you for everything you've done. I've got a little chest infection but that's because I've quit. Thank you so much."


hello Rue,
it's now been 6 weeks or so since my session so wanted to give you some proper feedback now things have settled down. I'm very pleased to say that i am 100% confident that smoking is firmly in my past.

Without a doubt i was ready to stop, my mind was set on it but i really felt i needed something extra to achieve it. As you know i was very open to the concept of hypnosis and i think that even the small experience i had of meditating helped the process to 'work'. I must confess i was not disciplined about doing the breathing exercise for the full 21 days! My limit was about 5mins before i stopped. i did however practice a form of mindfulness, concentrating on the task in hand, one at a time, also listening to my body & watching for signs of stress hunger or boredom that may have (previously) triggered the urge to smoke. i looked after myself with diet, gentle exercise & most of all lots of sleep!

The effect of not smoking is astonishing - it's just not something i need to worry about anymore (& good grief, i did worry!). I am enjoying my leisure time so much more. I've been for lots of meals out, cinema, theatre, trips to london and everything is more fun & relaxing when i'm not thinking about if / when i can get a cigarette.

This whole experience has given my confidence such a boost, hearing my friends tell me how proud they are of me makes me feel 10 feet tall! I'm going to use this achievement as a foundation on which to continue to build myself up - aim for goals i never felt I could reach before now.

So, a big huge heartfelt thank you for helping me set off on an exciting journey! I have recommended you to a few people who wish to stop, i'm sure they'll contact you when they're ready.

all the best

Lisa K

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